25/02/23 - 3:53 PM

Season 49 Competitions updates

As announced, in S49 there will be a preliminary round in the Champion's League and Europa League. The clubs of the last 8 nations in the FIHF ranking will play this preliminary round.
The games will take place on the Monday and Wednesday following the opening of the season. The group draw will therefore be moved to Thursday.
The 4 clubs eliminated from the preliminary round of the Champion's League will be transferred to the Europa League.
The 4 clubs eliminated from the Europa League preliminary round will not play in the European Cup.

For the Nations League, there will be a new group (Group 3). All countries will have their national team.

The national cup will be added in the countries Greece, Croatia and Scotland.

24/12/22 - 10:01 AM

Season 48

The Season 48 is started !

Welcome to Scotland, Greece and Croatia championships !
Next season the Nation's League will have a Group 3.
About Champion's League and Europa League, there will be a preliminary round. We will detail during this season.

Good season to all managers and merry Christmas !
Have a nice day.

01/10/22 - 9:21 AM

Season 47

The Season 47 is started !

New this season (v2.18.3):
* Player loan : the early return clause is automatic for each loan
* International teams : the trainings are now automatics

Good season to all managers

01/09/22 - 2:24 PM

v2.18.2 - Changelog

* Composition editor : an indicator has been added for unavailable players
* Messages : the page has been improved for a better user experience
* Games of the day page : improved display
* Competitions : updated background
* Fix problem with championship history
* Fix problem with game viewer timeline

09/07/22 - 9:01 AM

Season 46

The Season 46 is started !

We wish all managers a good season.

23/04/22 - 9:38 AM

v2.18.1 - Changelog

* Adding characters to notifications
* Fixes the problem of player's names in internal club friendlies

16/04/22 - 4:19 PM

v2.18 - Changelog

* Large graphism improvement.
* The B teams play in a separate league from the A teams.

16/04/22 - 4:16 PM

Season 45

The Season 45 has been started this morning !

There was somes problems today but all are fixed now. The trainings will be ok tomorrow, for today it's lost.

Good season to all managers

21/03/22 - 12:18 PM

v2.17.4 - Changelog

* Added information on player morale and its evolution. You can see it on a player's page.
* From next season the B teams will play in a separate league from the A teams. There will be one championship per country and registration will be automatic.

22/01/22 - 10:29 AM

v2.17.3 - Changelog

* Competitions design : the design of the competitions has been revised
* Game engine update : when a player has the ball, he will better detect passing opportunities
* Game engine update : dribble slider at minimum means "no dribble"

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