14/05/20 - 8:54 PM


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As you can see, managers who usually connect via Facebook are currently experiencing a problem. Indeed Facebook services have been removed today.
Unfortunately from today we are no longer able to offer you this option to connect to the site.
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Our apologies

Comme vous avez pu le constater, les managers qui se connectent habituellement via Facebook rencontrent actuellement un problème. En effet les services Facebook nous ont été supprimés aujoud'hui.
Malheureusement à partir de ce jour nous ne sommes plus en mesure de vous proposer cette option pour vous connecter au site.
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Toutes nos excuses

19/04/20 - 5:36 PM

v2.12.6 - Changelog

* Graphical update : redesign of the merchandising page
* Graphical update : better display of player page
* Graphical update : pro training report page separates team a from team b
* Tactical editor update : the area in which the player can move has been extended
* Auctions page update : added the possibility to filter on your players and offers
* Added financial control when offering a contract to a player
* Minor update : click on the flag from the player, club or league table page to go to the national team page
* Fixed problem to resiliate contract of players in team b

04/04/20 - 5:05 PM

v2.12.5 - Changelog

* Graphical update : better display of the physical condition and the percentage of form recuperation is now known
* Graphical update : better display of player injuries
* Graphical update : added the possible transfer date on the bid modal (because a player can be on loan and be auctioned off)
* Updated rule : the date of a tournament or a friendly game must necessarily be during the current season

27/03/20 - 6:20 PM

v2.12.4 - Changelog

* Graphical update of the newspaper page
* Competitions history has recovered data

25/03/20 - 6:29 PM

v2.12.3 - Changelog

* New feature : introduction of "Early return" clause when you loan a player.
The clause is optional and can be negociated.
The clause can be activated at any time during the first part of the season.
After an "Early return", a player can no longer be loaned out during the season.

23/03/20 - 6:00 PM

v2.12.2 - Changelog

* Game viewer has been updated to display the new stamina gauge. More information about this gauge and new stamina rules in the Wiki.

22/03/20 - 6:03 PM

v2.12.1 - Changelog

* Update about the registration of a B team in the championship :
  It's possible to register for the season that has just started (before the first Championship day).
  As the registration is made during the current season, it is a replacement for a vacant club that is not registered in the national cup.
  Places are therefore limited.

21/03/20 - 11:31 AM

v2.12 - Changelog

* Welcome to Poland Championship !
* Graphical update of the icons in the left menu
* Game Engine updates :
    * Pressing method has been changed
    * The impact of stamina on the players has been modified

15/03/20 - 5:40 PM

v2.11.6 - Changelog

* New feature : it's now possible to cancel an auction of one of your player (if there is no bid)
* Update : a player injured and on loan at a club can be treated by the two clubs
* Fix newspaper page : navigation to next articles was broken
* Fix player page : display trophies of S34
* Fix composition edit page : displays the correct player info modal when swapping players
* Fix national cup history page : there were some extra lines
* Fix championship progression chart for team B (only visible next season)

02/02/20 - 3:27 PM

v2.11.5 - Changelog

* New version of the game manual is available : check our Wiki
* Fix scorers display in the multiplex (game viewer)
* Fix navigation between players on the player page
* Improve display of reserve players on compo editor page and minor graphics updates
* Game Engine update : in a header duel with an attacker, a defender can no longer make a pass to the goalkeeper
* Game Engine update : in a header duel with a defender, an attacker can no longer shoot if he is too far from the goal
* Added player names for the french championship