20-09-2015 - 19h00

Last updates

- Problem fixed on the pages "next game" and "games of the day" when a club has not yet assigned division.

- Updates on research pages : GK research is separated from the research of DF/MF/FW. The filters are updated according to the selected position. (Please refresh your browser cache in case of problems)

- Updates on the evolution curve of a player with late curve. It now loses less points overnight. The other curves were not modified.

13-09-2015 - 17h35

Lower prices in the shop

The price of the items shop change :

Jerseys : 29 credits
Fields : 19 credits
Goals : 9 credits

Energetic supplement X1 : 9 credits
Energetic supplement X5 : 29 credits
Energetic supplement X10 : 49 credits

Pass Tournament X1 : 9 credits
Pass Tournament X5 : 29 credits
Pass Tournament X10 : 49 credits

It is now also possible to change his manager name and / or club name from the "My account" page. This is doable only once a month and costs 49 credits.

12-09-2015 - 10h44

Welcome !

We want to welcome to all new managers on Hourra Manager. If you have any question or problem, please feel free to contact us via private message in-game to 'FIHF' (Federation International of Hourra Football). This game is constantly evolving and we are very attentive to the demands of our players.

If you don't have match in your calendar, this is normal. You must wait for the creation of the division in which you will play. Meanwhile, you can make as many friendlies as you want.

We wish you an excellent career on Hourra Manager !

13-06-2015 - 14h17

Tactical editor update

Tactical editor has two new features :

- Pawns group moving

- Zone copy and paste

Another addition : The average rating ( Official game ) in the table of the career.

29-12-2014 - 15h40

Boxing Sunday : 30 000K Prize

To celebrate the new year as it should, the FIHF organize this Sunday, January 4, 2015 the Boxing Sunday.

It's 3 tournaments of different levels, each with 10 000K reward. 5 000K for the winner, 3 000K for the finalist and 1 000K for the semi-finalists.

No entry fee is required but you will need a Pass Tournament.

Warning, the tournaments comprise only 8 participants, sign up now !

29-12-2014 - 15h27

Latest updates

Latest updates :

- Stats players and clubs display problem for the Europa League fixed.

- Finalization of development for loans with option to buy, the button call option on the player page is operational.

- when a new player will be transferable, the transfer date possible is displayed

Future updates:

- We are working on the infirmary. It will reduce the downtime when a player is injured. Our goal is to use the stadium map to place various buildings including the infirmary. In the future you will be able to create your own maps and place buildings where you want.

- We will also create a manager page where everyone can create his manager avatar. There will also be a rating system on different criteria, each manager may note another.

- We also plan to improve engine game at the level of intelligence of the goal keeper

Feel free to respond and give your ideas on the forum. Good game to all!

27-11-2014 - 17h41

New: average connection of the manager

A new indicator has been set up to replace the orange bullet that indicate whether a manager was super active or not. This indicator works as follows :
- A blue bar means that the manager is registered for less than a week. If the bar is filled, it means it has connected 7/7 days.
- A yellow bar means that the manager is registered for less than 2 weeks.
- A green bar once the manager has passed two weeks.

The higher the bar is filled, the more often connects manager. Ultimately, it's the average connection over the last 7 days (blue bar), the last 15 days (yellow bar), the last 30 days (green bar).

23-11-2014 - 18h38

Reserve price and loan with purchase option

Two new features have just been added :
- Reserve price : when you are on a page from one of your players, you can fix a reserve price. This will automatically reject any transfer offers below this amount. Only the manager of the player can see that amount. A filter was added in research to list all players with a reserve price.

Loan with purchase option : When you put a player on the list of loans, you can choose to accept or not offers with purchase option. When you receive an offer, you must agree with the other manager on a certain amount. The negotiations happen as for transfers. Then once the player is on loan, only the club that made the purchase option may recruit that player until the end of the loan. Again a filter was added in research to list the players on the list of loans with purchase option.

11-11-2014 - 15h38

Terminate a contract of junior player

You can now terminate the contract of a junior at any time. If the junior player is under 17 years, he appears in the market of free players and can join another training center. Research has therefore been amended to allow searches of juniors.

09-11-2014 - 17h44

Latest updates

In the latest updates :
- Loaned players were added to the training report.
- If you loan a player to a manager and that manager no longer connects after a while, your player will automatically return to your club.
- We have improved the search of players: a filter for nationality and another for the character were added.

In the next updates... :
- We will work on the termination of contracts juniors. There will be a market of free juniors.
- For Season 13, we plan the first edition of the Europa League.
- We would also like to set up loans with purchase option for the S13.
- Then it will be the developments for the infirmary, in the course of the S13.