27-11-2014 - 17h41

New: average connection of the manager

A new indicator has been set up to replace the orange bullet that indicate whether a manager was super active or not. This indicator works as follows :
- A blue bar means that the manager is registered for less than a week. If the bar is filled, it means it has connected 7/7 days.
- A yellow bar means that the manager is registered for less than 2 weeks.
- A green bar once the manager has passed two weeks.

The higher the bar is filled, the more often connects manager. Ultimately, it's the average connection over the last 7 days (blue bar), the last 15 days (yellow bar), the last 30 days (green bar).

23-11-2014 - 18h38

Reserve price and loan with purchase option

Two new features have just been added :
- Reserve price : when you are on a page from one of your players, you can fix a reserve price. This will automatically reject any transfer offers below this amount. Only the manager of the player can see that amount. A filter was added in research to list all players with a reserve price.

Loan with purchase option : When you put a player on the list of loans, you can choose to accept or not offers with purchase option. When you receive an offer, you must agree with the other manager on a certain amount. The negotiations happen as for transfers. Then once the player is on loan, only the club that made the purchase option may recruit that player until the end of the loan. Again a filter was added in research to list the players on the list of loans with purchase option.

11-11-2014 - 15h38

Terminate a contract of junior player

You can now terminate the contract of a junior at any time. If the junior player is under 17 years, he appears in the market of free players and can join another training center. Research has therefore been amended to allow searches of juniors.

09-11-2014 - 17h44

Latest updates

In the latest updates :
- Loaned players were added to the training report.
- If you loan a player to a manager and that manager no longer connects after a while, your player will automatically return to your club.
- We have improved the search of players: a filter for nationality and another for the character were added.

In the next updates... :
- We will work on the termination of contracts juniors. There will be a market of free juniors.
- For Season 13, we plan the first edition of the Europa League.
- We would also like to set up loans with purchase option for the S13.
- Then it will be the developments for the infirmary, in the course of the S13.

04-11-2014 - 10h50

Tournaments come this Friday

Friday will be the update for personal tournaments. Using a Pass tournament you can create your own competition and you have a wide range of options ! Championship, Cup or combined form ; direct elimination or with first and return leg ; with or without prolongation ; public tournament with filter on the level of clubs or private tournament ; you can do what is best for you.

The manager who organizes a competition may request an entry fee. This is an amount between 0 and 1000 K paid by each club that entered the competition. The money raised will then be donated to the winner, or two or more. Again it's up to you.

The maximum number of teams that can participate in a tournament is 32 and 3 minimum. To organize or participate in a tournament, you need a Pass tournament. They will be available in the extras Shop.

For the occasion we changed the menu by grouping all official competitions in FIHF menu and adding an icon for tournaments. A preview is available on our facebook fan page.

17-10-2014 - 18h58

The list of temper

The list of temper from best to worst is available in the guide.

Here http://www.hourra-manager.com/guide-fichejoueur.html

30-09-2014 - 14h55

New : detailed analysis of the match

A button has been added on the stats page of the match (just below the score) to access the detailed analysis of the match. Once on the page you will see a field and the list of players from both teams. By selecting a player, you will then see all the times this player touched the ball. It may be a recovery, receiving a pass, won a duel of the head ... So the recorded position corresponds to his first touch of the ball when he's in possession of the ball.

26-09-2014 - 15h26

New tutorials

We have just updating the site. There are 3 new tutorials available :
- Interface overview
- Presentation of a player page
- Create a new tactic

We hope that these tutorials will help you to advance your club and your talents as a manager.

15-09-2014 - 18h24

Last updates

In the latest updates :
- Chat : correcting problems on moving and resizing the window.
- Club page : it's now possible to click on the league club to get directly to the League tables.
- Player page : new table summarizing all of the player's career in a official matches.
- Training : Improving the window to choose a training.

11-09-2014 - 14h11

Season 12 soon

Friday night will be the last official match of the season 11, this match is very important because it's the first final of the European Champion's Cup ! Good luck to Asf Luats and River Zem FC. We would also like to congratulate all the champions S11 whatsoever in league or national cup and all teams promoted, congratulations to you !

The rest of the program is saturday with the distribution of bonuses and rewards, players loaned returning to their respective clubs and the official opening of the mercato for one week. FIHF also publish the new groups and the calendar of the S12. As a reminder the groups will be reorganized according to the ranking FIHF. The first day of the championship will take place saturday September 20, do not forget to choose your sponsor before that date or it will be too late.

The update will take place this saturday morning between 10am and 12pm.