27/03/21 - 10:15 AM

v2.14 - Changelog

* Update the rating of players in a game : it's divided into 4 aspects :
  - the score of the game
  - goals, assists, fouls, and offsides of the player
  - the player's "productivity" : taking into account the number of balls touched and interceptions
  - the player's efficiency : taking into account successful gestures
(some adjustments may occur this week)
* National games will take place at 21:00, local time of the country
* Training will also take place according to the local time in the country (10:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:00)
* Continental games will take place at 19:00 UTC Time
* The graph on the club page now shows the evolution of the club's FIHF ranking
* Display man of the game on the game statistics page
* You can choose your timezone in My Account page. It will adjust the server time displayed.

Good S39 to all managers !

27/11/20 - 1:08 PM

Server maintenance

Tomorrow will be the start of the new season. On this occasion there will be a server maintenance and the access to the site will be unavailable between 10am and 12pm (French time).

There will be two important changes next season :
- The first one is about the rating of the players in the game. We have revised the rating system, it will be more precise and with a number after the decimal point. (we will detail tomorrow)
- The second concerns the hour of the games. National games will take place at 21:00, local time of the country. Continental games will take place at 19:00 UTC Time.

25/10/20 - 5:16 PM

v2.13.6 - Changelog

* Improve player comparator
* The list of player available to loan is reseted at the end of the mid-season transfer market
* New rule : if you cancel or don't finalise a transfer, you can't make a new offer for 7 days (only for the same player)
* Added notification when there are new players available in your U17 detection session
* Re-added multiplex for Europa League group phase
* Improve error display when you program the substitutions of players or tactics
* Improve error display in tactical editor

22/09/20 - 6:19 PM

v2.13.5 - Changelog

* U17 Team page : added the number of days to wait before seeing the complete profile.
* Game statistics : it's now possible to see the real statistics for each player by clicking on the "See the raw data" button.
* Player history : it's now possible to see the average number of passes, controls, dribbles, etc. successfully made per game. This is displayed by clicking on the "See averages per game" button.
* Chat / Messages : added an icon to identify the game's tutors.

05/09/20 - 11:31 AM

v2.13.4 - Changelog

* U17 detection system updated

Good S38 to all managers !

30/08/20 - 11:47 AM

Scheduled for next season

Starting next season, the U17 detection system will be updated :

- The list of players will be refreshed every 4 hours at the most.
- The number of available players will be calculated differently : 10 + the sum of the licences (1, 3 or 5) of the current sessions.

29/08/20 - 2:08 PM

v2.13.3 - Changelog

* Improve loading of the championship pages : league table, calendar, players statistics
* Added an indicator on page U17 player specifying the number of days to wait before seeing the complete profile
* Added Tutors page : a list of volunteer managers to help new members (see help section)

14/07/20 - 6:24 PM

v2.13.2 - Changelog

* Graphical update : better display of notifications
* Graphical update : better display of player international history
* Notifications update : added new notifications for national team elections (at the end of the season)
* Messages update : added new messages to warn the manager of players at the end of their contract
* Merchandising update : it's possible to export data from the statistics pages
* Financial update : the incomes and expenses are a little more detailed (tournaments, construction)

21/06/20 - 3:28 PM

v2.13.1 - Changelog

* Graphical update : better display of club history.
* Graphical update : added Nation League trophy to manager page.
* Graphical update : added the manager's reputation in the FIHF ranking of clubs.
* Update : The calculation of the player's value takes into account the player's progress curve.

13/06/20 - 2:19 PM

v2.13 - Changelog

* New U17 Detection system
* Infirmary costs updates : prices to heal players have been reduced

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