19/04/20 - 5:36 PM

v2.12.6 - Changelog

* Graphical update : redesign of the merchandising page
* Graphical update : better display of player page
* Graphical update : pro training report page separates team a from team b
* Tactical editor update : the area in which the player can move has been extended
* Auctions page update : added the possibility to filter on your players and offers
* Added financial control when offering a contract to a player
* Minor update : click on the flag from the player, club or league table page to go to the national team page
* Fixed problem to resiliate contract of players in team b

04/04/20 - 5:05 PM

v2.12.5 - Changelog

* Graphical update : better display of the physical condition and the percentage of form recuperation is now known
* Graphical update : better display of player injuries
* Graphical update : added the possible transfer date on the bid modal (because a player can be on loan and be auctioned off)
* Updated rule : the date of a tournament or a friendly game must necessarily be during the current season

27/03/20 - 6:20 PM

v2.12.4 - Changelog

* Graphical update of the newspaper page
* Competitions history has recovered data

25/03/20 - 6:29 PM

v2.12.3 - Changelog

* New feature : introduction of "Early return" clause when you loan a player.
The clause is optional and can be negociated.
The clause can be activated at any time during the first part of the season.
After an "Early return", a player can no longer be loaned out during the season.

23/03/20 - 6:00 PM

v2.12.2 - Changelog

* Game viewer has been updated to display the new stamina gauge. More information about this gauge and new stamina rules in the Wiki.

22/03/20 - 6:03 PM

v2.12.1 - Changelog

* Update about the registration of a B team in the championship :
  It's possible to register for the season that has just started (before the first Championship day).
  As the registration is made during the current season, it is a replacement for a vacant club that is not registered in the national cup.
  Places are therefore limited.

21/03/20 - 11:31 AM

v2.12 - Changelog

* Welcome to Poland Championship !
* Graphical update of the icons in the left menu
* Game Engine updates :
    * Pressing method has been changed
    * The impact of stamina on the players has been modified

15/03/20 - 5:40 PM

v2.11.6 - Changelog

* New feature : it's now possible to cancel an auction of one of your player (if there is no bid)
* Update : a player injured and on loan at a club can be treated by the two clubs
* Fix newspaper page : navigation to next articles was broken
* Fix player page : display trophies of S34
* Fix composition edit page : displays the correct player info modal when swapping players
* Fix national cup history page : there were some extra lines
* Fix championship progression chart for team B (only visible next season)

02/02/20 - 3:27 PM

v2.11.5 - Changelog

* New version of the game manual is available : check our Wiki
* Fix scorers display in the multiplex (game viewer)
* Fix navigation between players on the player page
* Improve display of reserve players on compo editor page and minor graphics updates
* Game Engine update : in a header duel with an attacker, a defender can no longer make a pass to the goalkeeper
* Game Engine update : in a header duel with a defender, an attacker can no longer shoot if he is too far from the goal
* Added player names for the french championship

19/01/20 - 3:31 PM

v2.11.4 - Changelog

* Game Engine : improves free-kick positionning (away from the opponent goal)
* Game Engine : improves IA for player defensive movement
* Game Engine : improves effect when the ball goes out of the pitch, the players continue towards the ball
* Game Engine : improves decisive pass detection

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