18/01/20 - 4:04 PM

v2.11.3 - Changelog

* Better display of level information on the player's page
* Fix tactical editor empty modal

05/01/20 - 3:33 PM

v2.11.2 - Changelog

* Add positions lock to composition editor
* Update competitions background design
* Update tactical editor controls
* Fix infirmary player list (U17 detection players were on the list)
* Fix bad error message when U17 detection players is impossible
* Fix tournament view and invitation management for private tournaments
* Fix news page view in authenticated mode

* Game Engine :
    * Add : player can intercept ball just after a rebound
    * Update ball rebound distance (decreased)
    * Fix : adjustment of player cross intelligence to new tactic zones

30/12/19 - 5:19 PM

v2.11.1 - Changelog

* Game Engine Fix : solved problem when a player shoots to the wrong side
* Game Engine Fix : solved problem when a GK clears the ball from the wrong side
* Game Engine Fix : solved problem when a player is playing a free-kick by himself
* Game Engine Fix : solved problem for players positioning on one type of free kick
* Game Engine Fix : patch problem when the game goes on a loop

The next few weeks will be focused on the game engine to improve it !

28/12/19 - 11:11 AM

v2.11 - Changelog

* New tactical editor system
    * All tactics have been reset
    * Drag and drop your players on the pitch
    * Update tactical instructions

Good season 35 to all managers !

11/11/19 - 2:55 PM

v2.10.7 - Changelog

* Homepage redesigned.
* Next game page has a new menu to navigate between your teams.
* Player page : added chevrons near the name to navigate between the team's players.
* FIHF Ranking clubs update : teams generated in automatic mode are no longer part of the ranking.

13/10/19 - 5:55 PM

Next major update v2.11

We have planned an update of the tactical editor, composition editor and therefore the game engine. Scheduled for the end of 2019.

13/10/19 - 5:43 PM

v2.10.6 - Changelog

* FIHF Ranking clubs update : for more equality when a new manager take an existant club, the points are reset to 0.
* Registration update : a new manager will have 22 players in all cases

12/10/19 - 11:43 AM

v2.10.5 - Changelog

* Improve design on next game and stats game pages

29/09/19 - 6:51 PM

v2.10.4 - Changelog

* Add shield to player card image
* Automatic chat notification when a manager makes a declaration. Others managers can like or unlike the declaration.

28/09/19 - 4:48 PM

v2.10.3 - Changelog

* New dedicated shield editor entirely free ! Go to menu Office > Shirts and colors to edit your own.

Hourra Football Manager Online Free Game

HMFO is a free game in which you take on the role of a football club manager.

In your daily management you can plan trainings, prepare tactics, negotiate transfers, find young talent, develop your stadium and much more.

Watch your team's games in 2D, and even those of your opponents to analyse their tactics and find their weak points. Friendly matches and tournaments are possible at any time.
One goal for you as a manager, to take your team to the top of world football !


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