01/06/24 - 9:26 AM

v3.0 - Game viewer update

We have added somes display options on the Game Viewer :
- On desktop you can display in full screen
- On mobile you can choose between 5 zoom levels

The camera move has also been improved on mobile.

13/05/24 - 9:22 AM

v3.0 - Changelog

The new game engine & game viewer are here ! We hope you enjoy this update.

Games played before this update can no longer be viewed.

Have a good game

11/05/24 - 8:52 AM

The Season 54 is started !

We wish all the managers an excellent season 54 and good luck !

See you on Monday for the latest game engine & viewer updates.

09/05/24 - 10:48 AM

The new season is coming...

As this season draws to a close, it's time to tell you what's going to happen in the new season. It will start on Saturday 11 May, with the update taking place in the morning as usual.

The new features are the match engine and the match viewer (browser + mobile).

There will be 2 stages to the update:
- The new season on Saturday.
- The new match engine and viewer on Monday 13 May.

For those wondering when the U21 team will be added, it's planned for the following season.

17/02/24 - 10:04 AM

The Season 53 is started !

We wish all the managers an excellent season 53 and good luck !

02/01/24 - 1:21 PM

Roadmap 2024

The HMFO team wish you a happy new year 2024 ! For this year we have planned new features, in particular a new game engine. The AI is being improved to make the games more realistic. It will take a few months to finish it.
After that we will add U21 teams, there will be a championship like team A and team B.
And lastly we would like to add a third European competition, the European Conference League.

25/11/23 - 10:03 AM

The Season 52 is started !

We wish all the managers an excellent season 52 and good luck !

04/11/23 - 3:42 PM

v2.18.7 - Changelog

* Add message and improve display of morale on player page when he wants a salary raise

02/09/23 - 9:06 AM

The Season 51 is started !

For this new this season, two rules change for the Champion's League and Europa League :
* The rule of away goals has been deleted.
* The yellow and red cards received by players last throughout the competition.

About the away goal rule, it can continue to be used for tournaments. It's a new option.

Good season to all managers

29/08/23 - 3:44 PM

Server maintenance

There will be a server update tomorrow 30 August between 1pm and 2pm (French time). The site will be inaccessible during the operation.

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Watch your team's games in 2D, and even those of your opponents to analyse their tactics and find their weak points. Friendly matches and tournaments are possible at any time.
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