11-11-2019 - 14h55

v2.10.7 - Changelog

* Homepage redesigned.
* Next game page has a new menu to navigate between your teams.
* Player page : added chevrons near the name to navigate between the team's players.
* FIHF Ranking clubs update : teams generated in automatic mode are no longer part of the ranking.

13-10-2019 - 17h55

Next major update v2.11

We have planned an update of the tactical editor, composition editor and therefore the game engine. Scheduled for the end of 2019.

13-10-2019 - 17h43

v2.10.6 - Changelog

* FIHF Ranking clubs update : for more equality when a new manager take an existant club, the points are reset to 0.
* Registration update : a new manager will have 22 players in all cases

12-10-2019 - 11h43

v2.10.5 - Changelog

* Improve design on next game and stats game pages

29-09-2019 - 18h51

v2.10.4 - Changelog

* Add shield to player card image
* Automatic chat notification when a manager makes a declaration. Others managers can like or unlike the declaration.

28-09-2019 - 16h48

v2.10.3 - Changelog

* New dedicated shield editor entirely free ! Go to menu Office > Shirts and colors to edit your own.

08-09-2019 - 11h47

v2.10.2 - Changelog

* Budget page added in the finance section to help you to manage your budget and see how much percentage of the incomes represent the players wage.

13-07-2019 - 14h50

v2.10.1 - Changelog

* You can now use the button Copy license from the player page to create a shortcut in your chat message

Good S33 for all managers !!

01-06-2019 - 10h40

v2.10 - Changelog

* New game viewer more efficient
* Add internal notification system, you are notified when :
    * A training session has ended
    * A Game is beginning
    * Championship has been updated

19-04-2019 - 16h51

v2.9.2 - Changelog

* Fix : player can't be added to auction list when he's loan with purchase option
* Fix : players in team b in their club are displayed in the international team composition page
* Fix : manager can't vote for elections in international mode
* Fix : calendar page for International mode
* Add Nation League history page