13-07-2019 - 14h50

v2.10.1 - Changelog

* You can now use the button Copy license from the player page to create a shortcut in your chat message

Good S33 for all managers !!

01-06-2019 - 10h40

v2.10 - Changelog

* New game viewer more efficient
* Add internal notification system, you are notified when :
    * A training session has ended
    * A Game is beginning
    * Championship has been updated

19-04-2019 - 16h51

v2.9.2 - Changelog

* Fix : player can't be added to auction list when he's loan with purchase option
* Fix : players in team b in their club are displayed in the international team composition page
* Fix : manager can't vote for elections in international mode
* Fix : calendar page for International mode
* Add Nation League history page

30-03-2019 - 15h15

v2.9.1 - Changelog

* Add history page to international teams
* Add international history to manager page
* Add international teams FIHF Ranking

20-10-2018 - 11h48

The tension is at its maximum!

Hello to all managers,

The end of the season is near, the tension is at its maximum, there will be happy managers and other unfortunate ones in this season 29 but don't forget that the match is played continuously!

What's new for you for the next season 30 ?

- The national cup will be spread over the entire season and not only at the end of the season.
- Continental cup matches can be played on Monday, check your calendar carefully.
- Some Mondays have been released for future international games (yes, you read it right!)

- Addition of eighth finals games for continental cups
- The first 2 in each group will qualify and no longer only the first one
- With crossed oppositions (the 1st will play at home on the return against a 2nd)

- Opening of 3 new championships and therefore new nationalities players, Ukraine, Switzerland and Austria!

- International selections scheduled in progress of the season 30
- The voting system for the election of the national coach by the national community
- Improvement of the game viewer planned for season 31

A big thank you to all the managers who support HOURRA

Have a good game!

18-08-2018 - 13h38

Auction system

Hi manager,

Update of the auction system, the price goes from 10 to 5 credits, the auction levels have been slightly increased.

Have a good game!

Team Hourra

11-08-2018 - 15h14

New season!

It's the new season 29!

Physical preparation can begin ( endurance training = jogging card ) so that your players get 100% condition. Don't forget to choose your sponsor.

What's new :

Find the trophies won by a player on his page or his history.

A button on the (next game) page allows you to edit your compo directly for that game and an (i) button will give you more information about each player in the game.

Have a good season manager!

09-05-2018 - 17h28


Hello manager,

The salary requested by the players has been modified.
After a study of the reality of football we decided that the weaker players will demand less money and the stronger players will demand more. Players are affected at the next contract renewal.

We will also welcome three new championships next season: Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands!

see you soon.

30-03-2018 - 17h31

The manual of the game

Manager, the manual (pdf) of the game in English is available! Click the top right menu help 😎

Team Hourra

17-03-2018 - 11h36

New! Quick games

New : you can't be challenged twice by the same team in the same day in the quick games, enjoy!